What the heck is an Evidentiary Hearing?!

A significant portion of our clients came to us because they were told that their motion in Family Court was being set for an evidentiary hearing at the request of the other party or other party’s attorney. And nearly all of them have no idea what an evidentiary hearing is … (Read More)

The Wealthy Ex and An Even Playing Field

We frequently get the following scenario: a spouse wants a divorce (or has been served with divorce papers), but is fearful of an unfair playing field because their soon-to-be-ex-spouse has a lot of money to spend for their attorney.… (Read More)

What the Law Says About Your Date of Separation

Though 2017 is in full swing, you may be unaware of a recent revision to a law that determines the actual date you and your partner separated.

Possibly one of the biggest changes in family law to form this year, this page explains the revision made by California’s State Legislature, … (Read More)